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In the case of economic projects abroad or for nongovernmental organizations already active in certain regions of the world it is demanding, complex and above all constantly changing security situations that remain in many places of decisive importance. Considering this kind of exposure to danger it is our risk management in the form of client-based security consulting and security solutions that will guarantee maximum security with highest possible convenience to client based on the individual situation.

Security solutions will be developed with due consideration of client’s requirements and wishes and due regard to local conditions, security situation in place and the means made available. The basis of solution is formed by an analysis of the security situation and of weak points. Upon assessment of the situation, the relevant security deficits and the resulting security solution, all measures will be established required for guaranteeing maximum security with maximum convenience effect. To this end, HOPLON is relying as a matter of principle on an efficient, self-complementary combination of technical security measures and a proportionate deployment of personnel. Depending on requirements and situation, all planning activities will be conducted from day one in close cooperation with local authorities, police and subsidiary bodies as well as other parties involved.

Stages of risk management:

Identify risks > assess risks > establish strategy > define and implement measures > evaluate effects > monitor and reduce risks

Security solutions are live products. To this effect, the security solution will constantly be subject to monitoring, reevaluation of its effectiveness and adjustment to the situation in place.



List of services:

  • Information gathering and all types of analysis

  • Assessment of situation

  • Developing security solutions

  • Evacuation solutions

  • Solutions for healthcare for expats abroad

  • Consulting and information brokering for economic projects abroad

  • Consulting for infrastructure and logistics measures

  • Providing security, project and crisis management

  • Analysis of security and weak points

  • Personal protection for corporations



Jahrelange internationale Tätigkeit im Bereich behördlicher und privater Sicherheit.
Years of international activities in the field of authorities and civil security, focusing on the MENA region, Central Asia and the Balkans.

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