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Need-based mobility solutions are our specialty. Growing demand on the part of our clients for security, flexibility and effectiveness has led us to expand our offer to include individual (more specifically air transportation) charter flights. Based on our experience and the comprehensive know-how of our team we are in a position to plan, combine and perform air transportation with our clients in an optimum manner – especially also into and from countries with a tense political situation, for example restricted air traffic Our service profile also covers urgently required humanitarian logistics and medical emergency flights.


You name your destination – we shall plan your flight! HOPLON has a logistical solution for (almost) everything

We offer a personalized air transportation service to be used for onshore and offshore projects, relieving staff, location visits by management, important employees, or by which a time-critical supply from collection to delivery is organized. HOPLON takes on all logistics tasks such as swift air transportation, thereby safeguarding meeting of the mandatory deadline. Such may be, among others, urgent documents, important components, prototypes, patents or cash and money transports.

HOPLON is experienced in the organization of charter flights to destinations that can be reached by conventional regular flights only with difficulty or not at all (Sierra Leone, the south of Libya). Such destinations may be by all means a secluded place or an extremely difficult terrain. Our air transportation team moreover is experienced in evacuation measures from areas of conflict or natural disaster (Libya 2014).

Thanks to our worldwide network we have access to further aircraft types such as helicopters, Boeing, Ilyushin or Antonov.

Please see below a list of aircraft constantly available:

  • Beechcraft C 90

  • PartenaviaP68

  • Cessna CJ2

  • Pilatus PC-12

Beechcraft C90

Beechcraft Premier 1

Partenavia P68



Jahrelange internationale Tätigkeit im Bereich behördlicher und privater Sicherheit.
Years of international activities in the field of authorities and civil security, focusing on the MENA region, Central Asia and the Balkans.

Fon: +49 551 9989226 - Mobil: +49 172 98 44 649 - Mail: OFFICE@HOPLON.PRO